Seeing Science for Free in London– Do Penguins Have Knees?

I feel like I say this every other week, but I think I have found my new favorite place in London!

As common as it is to constantly discover new places to love here, the Grant Museum of Zoology really does top the list for me. This was Stop #1 for Seeing Science for Free in London, and it’s literally right around the corner from my school, and for some reason, it took me over three months to finally get over there. And I wish I had discovered it sooner, because for anyone who studies science, this place is amazing! And even for people who aren’t particularly interested in science, there’s enough there to peak anyone’s curiosity.


An endangered White Rhinoceros skull


A Hippopotamus skull.

They have every specimen you could possibly imagine preserved and on display here, and all of the display cases in the exhibits are filled to the brim. No matter what direction you look, there is always something to see, and there is usually someone there to talk to as well! I actually ended up meeting a PhD student from back in the States studying medical history who works there, and we got to have a very interesting and informative chat!


Really, the display cases had so much to see I ended up spending 5-10 minutes at each one.


Just a clam bigger than my head…

And then I stumbled on what quickly became my favorite exhibit in the whole place: A small square room filled floor to ceiling with slides!


So. Many. Slides. I stood in this room for a full ten minutes mesmerized by all the specimens in here.IMG_20150107_150416

Even after this wonderful room, the rest of the museum did not fail to fascinate and amaze me.


Of course the parasitology dork in me just had to spend some time looking at the parasitic worms.


A display all about Alizarin preparations


An anaconda skeleton. So cool!


A Kiwi!!


This giant Dugong

I am so glad I finally got to see the Grant Museum, because it was on my list for the longest time, and made an excellent first stop on my round of Seeing Science for Free in London.  I don’t know how someone can’t be amazed by all of the amazing displays here; there’s just so much to see. Plus, they do lots of events too, including some late night events that I will definitely be attending!

Oh, and last but not least, to answer a question everyone seems to ask for some reason, Yes. Penguins do have knees:


Yes, penguins do have knees.

For more about the Grant Museum, you can visit their page Here.

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