The Dog Days of Autumn

Caution, prepare for an obscene amount of dog pictures and cuteness overload in this post…

First off, anyone who knows me knows I love dogs. If it were possible, I would just move to the countryside and be a crazy dog lady, with one of every kind of dog. Obviously, that’s never going to happen. This is why I was so pumped when my friend invited me to Discover Dogs at Earl’s Court last Sunday!

It was a huge event that hosted over 200 breeds of dogs, and YES, we pet every single one!
I’m a very big advocate of pet therapy, and am in huge agreement that petting a dog (or cat, or any pet really), even for five minutes can reduce stress immensely. The fact that this event fell right at the beginning of my Reading Week could not have been more perfect timing!


This Komondor obviously won coolest looking dog!


We found a very cute and very fluffy Keeshond!


This Italian Spinone just stayed like this expecting belly rubs from everyone who passed by


We found a very sweet and obedient Irish Setter!


I fell in love with this Greyhound! Hopefully by this time next year I’ll be close to getting either this or a Whippet!


The dalmatians just couldn’t get enough!


A King Charles Cavalier Spaniel tired out after a long day of hugs and petting


I love big dogs, and this Bullmastiff was just the cutest!


This Bouvier de Flandres posed specificallyfor pictures


I spent so much extra time this this Whippet and got to learn so much about them! I’m really hoping to have this as my first dog next year!


This Shetland Sheepdog whose legs are lost under all his fur


A very fluffy Samoyed who had a very exhausting day

Overall, this was just such a great, relaxing, and therapeutic day, and I could not have asked for a better way to spend my Sunday!

Overall, this was just such a great, relaxing, and therapeutic day, and I could not have asked for a better way to spend my Sunday!

And now, some of the usual and expected science-y fun facts! It’s been proven that pet therapy can:
Lower blood pressure, give a sense of calmness, decrease aggressiveness, decrease loneliness, increase self esteem, and reduce anxiety.
(Dr. Karen Becker and Delta Society, Huffington Post- Article Here for More.)

Eukanuba and Metro Bank’s Discover Dogs is an annual event, so if you missed it this year, there’s always next Autumn as well! And to add on to the already amazing time, it’s made even better by the student discount college students can get on the tickets! Seriously, perfect day! If you’re a dog lover in London, this truly is the perfect therapy!
To find out more about it you can visit

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