Night at The Museum– Halloween Edition


So, I decided to spend my Halloween night this year in a way quite different than I’m used to, by attending the AfterHours event at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington! The museum sets aside the last Friday of every month to keep the museum open late and people get to come and enjoy drinks, food, and getting to see the exhibits late at night (Don’t worry, none of them came to life). And the best part is, the event is free!
The exhibits we got to see displayed everything you can imagine, from dinosaurs to modern mammals, bugs to birds, plants to rocks, and that wasn’t even the half of them! No matter what your interests, the Natural History Museum will have something to peak them! (:

Like Paleontology? This giant Diplodocus was there to welcome us in the front main hall

And right up the front stairs, Charles Darwin is there to guide you up to the
Treasures Room.

Me posing in front of a 1300+ year old Giant Sequoia tree. Like nature and ecology? The white writing shows a timeline of everything the tree had lived through until it fell in the late 1800’s.

So the dinosaurs didn’t exactly come to life, but this T-Rex was pretty active!

Being a Parasitology major, I just had to include the giant Amblyomma tick!

IMG_20141031_200347 IMG_20141031_231051 IMG_20141031_231925
A rhino and a whale in the Mammals exhibit, British minerals and stones in the Geology exhibit, and an extinct Dodo bird in the Avian exhibit.

I can honestly say that I’ll be visiting this museum at least two more times while I study here. As with many museums in the area, it’s free admission and there is plenty to see, more than I was able to see in one night anyway! And there’s a little bit of something for anyone of any interest!


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